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Traders of Mobile, Tablets, Thermal wrapping and accessories Products.
<p>RUKN AL ALMAJARRAH TRADING COMPANY was Established and registered in 1998 with its main office located in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Over 20 years, RUKN AL ALMAJARRAH TRADING COMPANY has accumulated a strong and healthy market trust through a simple principle that we follow: "Trust and Committed to business" RUKN AL ALMAJARRAH TRADING COMPANY ‎is among the leading distributors of mobiles, Tablets and Accessories products in the Saudi Arabia for almost 20 years. RUKN AL ALMAJARRAH TRADING COMPANY has been providing integral services to all major sub-contractors and traders in the region. RUKN AL ALMAJARRAH TRADING COMPANY ‎is the authorized solo agent and distributor of BMASK which is American Company with innovative solution for mobile peripherals products and brand in the Middle East Region.</p>
Our Mission
Our Mission
Our Mission is to be one of the Top the telecommunications Trades Companies in the Gulf Region. We continue to strive towards becoming the leading company in the minds of personal telecommunications users. While we continue to grow as company, we are naturally gravitating towards becoming not only a major market distributor, but a brilliant Agent we aspire to deliver the highest standard of customers service and create true value for the end users. We want to enrich people's lives through the deliverance of the most advanced communication technology. We will achieve these goals through the continuous reinforcement of our product portfolio, by being cost-effective, by strengthening our corporate culture of creativity and challenge.
Our Vision
Our Vision
By partnering with most respectable organizations ‎is to deliver the most current and efficient communication technology to our customers. We combine leading customers service, extensive field knowledge and ethical values with passion and dedication to effectively anticipate respond to and deliver solutions that meets our customers' needs. At products, by Lasting for After Sale Support
  Our Pillars To Achieve That
Our Pillars To Achieve That
  • Provide our customers with the latest mobile and Tablet technology.
  • Inspire optimism & happiness through innovative mobile solutions.
  • Continually search for new ways to create true value for our customers.
  • Being Most Favorable Company in Mobile and Tablets Field.
Company Objectives
RUKN AL MAJARRAH Company objectives span the entire business model from employment to the final sale and customer after sale service. Our core company objectives are: Maintain the highest level of professionalism through the employment of suitable and highly capable staff. Communicate and cooperate with our strategic partners in a mutual Rotation. Share knowledge and experience in order to maximize the prosperity of relationship with Partners and Customer. Continually strengthen relationships with customer, distributors, retailers and dealers through value and promotional incentives. Sustain a reputation as a market leader by excelling in the areas of client satisfaction, quality, value and personable service. Environing mutual respect and obligations between the company and its employees themselves. Taking pride in being part of the Saudi society and contributing to the growth of the Saudi economy. Doing business by implementing environmental directions that benefit our community socially and economically. Al Majarah Strategy is to Expand ‏‎[Horizontally]‎‏‎ ‎in the Whole Kingdom to Cover The Main Cities Within The Coming Three years, and ‏‎[Vertically]‎‏‎ ‎in Riyadh within one Year, Al – Majarrah Corner for Trading Co. Will Launch The First of 2020 Specialized online market For Mobile and Tablets , the Website will Merged With Huge Social Media Background Support
Company Objectives
Team Management

RUKN AL ALMAJARRAH Management team comprises a group of carefully selected individuals chosen for their academic flair, individual personality and innovative vision with Sold Market Experiences for the future of AL MAJARRAH Managers. The Following Points are Considered in the Selection Process

  • Solid academic background
  • Business history and experience
  • Telecom Market Knowledge
  • Team Spirit
  • Creative Vision
  • Ethical Perspective
17 Branches
At the highest categories shopping mall
8 Kiosks
At the highest categories shopping mall
15 Cash Vans
To cover KSA
2 Regional Centers
In Dammam and Jeddah
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